How many hundreds or even thousands of dollars are slipping through your fingers every month?

How much longer can you afford NOT to take control of your money? Maybe you’ve been trying for awhile to get your money to behave, and something just isn’t working. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the enormous task of organizing your finances. Maybe you have big goals and simply don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you have a complicated situation and need someone to guide you through tough financial decisions.

If you can relate, then you need a financial coach. I’ll work with you to create an individualized plan to alleviate the stress and achieve your goals. Most importantly, I’ll teach you to manage your money effectively, giving you the skills and confidence for a lifetime of financial success. 

Client Testimonials

“In two months, I’ve paid off $5300 of student loan debt and saved $1000 for an emergency fund. I value Lauren’s coaching method very much. She’s thorough, non-judgmental, and understanding.” – Kate S.

“Lauren has helped me tremendously with organizing my finances, helping me develop confidence that I can control my spending habits, and has kept me accountable to my goals of being debt free and using cash for purchases. I highly recommend working with Lauren if you are looking for support with managing your financial world.” – Keith W.

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